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MELT Method
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What is TBMM
Karin Singleton

The M.E.L.T. Method® (MELT®) is a self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative affects of aging and active living. MELT simulates the hand-on techniques that manual therapist sue Hitzman uses to eliminate stress, pain, and dysfunction in her private clients. This unique Hands-off Bodywork approach is the first treatment that simulates the techniques - and the results - of manual therapy. Since 2004 MELT has been a group exercise class designed to enhance the benefits and results of exercise and active living.


MELT offers the opportunity for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to improve their longevity through self-treatment. The consistent results MELT yields are remarkable and undeniable. Previously such results were available only through ongoing, costly bodywork from multiple practitioners.


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This method rests on an in-depth structural assessment from the ground up with the goal to make the client understand the posture misalignments. This is followed by so-called self-myofascial release techniques using props such as balls and rollers but also hands for a form of self-massage. Once muscles are thus prepared, there are stretches to help lengthen structures that are tight. The corrective strength exercises have the goal that the client can over time strengthen weak components so that posture can return to a more ideal alignment and pain can be alleviated.


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I have been a personal fitness trainer since 1995 and own my own personal training business Fitness Personified Ltd. together with my husband Rufus Singleton.


I discovered the MELT Method in August 2009. I knew immediately that I had found the missing link of fitness and well-being. I have watched people in pain despite their efforts of improving their bodies through exercise. Something was missing, and it was the regard for the needs of the connective tissue.


In December of 2009, I became the first person in North Carolina to be fully certified in the MELT Method.


I chose not to rest on my MELT laurels and have further enhanced my knowledge in corrective exercise by studying The BioMechanics Method. I am proud to say that, in 2014, I became the first person in North Carolina to be certified in TBMM.



Hello, I am Karin Singleton. I am a


 It is my goal to help you live a healthier, more pain-free life through movement and exercise.






What is MELT


What’s new in my MELT World



MELT at Evolve Movement

on Wednesdays 9:30 to 10:45 AM

starting March 25


Advanced MELT Length and NeuroStrength at my studio

Sundays at 4 PM


See the class schedule for details and e-mail me to reserve your spot at my studio.



I also teach classes at the Rex Wellness Centers in Raleigh, Knightdale and Wakefield.


Who created MELT?

MELT was created by Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, a nationally recognized somatic-movement educator and manual therapist. Her decades of practice, research, and study of anatomical science and alternative therapies have culminated in the creation of the very first self-administered neurofascial treatment technique - a revolutionary approach to pain-free fitness and longevity. To find out more about Sue and the science behind MELT, please visit her web site

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Where to MELT

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Who created TBMM?

The BioMechanics Method courses were created and developed by Justin Price and Mary Bratcher, founders of The BioMechanics. Justin is an IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year, author of numerous books and articles, a celebrated presenter, and a content development expert for The American Council on Exercise, PTA Global, BOSU, Fitness Anywhere (and the TRX), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Mary, who specializes in client communication and identification of psychological stressors that contribute to musculoskeletal pain, has created numerous continuing education courses for fitness professionals. Their comprehensive approach to pain relief through structural alignment, sequential corrective exercise, and effective client communication has helped thousands of people worldwide overcome the debilitating effects of pain.

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