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MELT Method
in North Carolina

MELT at my Studio

I teach the MELT method at my Personal Training Studio in Raleigh, NC, one-on-one or in small groups of no more than 4 people.




This is the ideal way to learn the MELT techniques when my eyes are on you alone. The scheduling is flexible and will be agreed between us for  greatest convenience. Each session is approximately 75 minutes and costs $80.00


If you want to learn to MELT as an adjunct to your current exercise program, I suggest one session at a time. I recommend to space them out because the idea of MELT is that you learn to do it yourself. During a session, I teach a set of techniques and give you written instructions. I then send you home to practice. The entire MELT technique is quite extensive but since MELT is not en exercise program but a connective tissue self-treatment program, once you are happy with what you know and do, you can keep doing it in support of all the other activities in your life.


Sunday MELT class at 4 PM; maximum 4 people

This MELT Length and NeuroStrength class is for the advanced MELTer  who is looking for the additional challenges of the MELT Strength techniques which target re-integration and re-patterning of the muscles of the core, hip and shoulder girdle. The cost is $15 for a 75 minutes class.


MELT class on demand; 3 or 4 people


If you have a few friends who want to MELT together, this is a great option. The cost is $25 per person for a 1 hour class. Please contact me for scheduling.


Small Group MELT (3 or 4 people)


I also offer courses at my studio. The schedule is open to negotiation among the participants. The suggested sequence is 1 hour per week; however,  this is flexible. The advantage of a course format is its continuity because I will teach you with a specific goal in mind and with proper progression.

Here is a list of possible options which can be tailored to your specific needs.



Please click here to be directed to the page with detailed course descriptions.


The cost for a 4-session course is $120.00 per person, for a 6-session course $180.00 per person. This includes an initial discussion of medical considerations, 4 or 6 1-hour sessions and detailed handouts with illustrations so that you will be self-sufficient at the end of the course. Each course is for 2 or 3 people.


The MELT roller, the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit, and CDs of the exercises may be purchased separately.


Other Personal Training


I teach the MELT method separate from other Personal Training Services. For other services of my personal training business, please visit my web site


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